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Just as elk, our big horn sheep area in Montana can be a very hard draw. We hunt in Montana Bighorn sheep hunting districts 680 and 620, Very limited nonresident Montana bighorn sheep licenses are available in the lottery.  Application deadline is May 1. We will help you through the whole application process. It is well worth the effort to apply for a license, if drawn it will a great hunting experience.

Montana Bighorn Sheep Hunts

Montana Bighorn Sheep Hunts

This area harbors some of the biggest rams in the state, if you're one of the lucky lottery winners, it will be the most memorable hunt of your life.  Your guide to hunter ratio will be 2:1. We keep an eye on the sheep in the area all year long and we know where the good rams are located.

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Bighorn Sheep Hunting Rates

Bighorn Sheep Hunting Rates

  • $9500 for 7 day hunts
  • Hunting district 680
  • Hunting district 620

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